About Arlynn Knauff at Mind & Matter

Licensed Massage Therapist

Arlynn created Mind & Matter Well Being not only to be able to offer massage services around the WNY area, but with the goal in mind to help open discussion and options for other alternative therapies – specifically for mental health.

She hopes to grow the business to include other therapy options for clients, such as counseling, yoga, meditative services, art therapy, music therapy, and others. She chose the qualifier ‘Well Being’ instead of ‘Wellness’ to differentiate between the more physical and dietary mindset associated with the latter term today. And while she believes those are important for overall health, Arlynn wishes Mind & Matter Well Being to become a bridge between physical health and mental health. It is time to break the stigma held against mental health and the lack of discussion on it.

About Your Therapist

Arlynn Knauff is a WNY native who grew up with a passion for helping others and for performing. She has been involved in theater and film since she was little, going to school for theater and vocal performance. She ultimately decided to go back to school for massage when she could no longer get it off her mind. When she was young, she would give her family members hand and foot massages for .25 cents apiece, creating makeshift business cards to hand out on the computer. Any time she saw a book or information on massage, she would read it avidly and stow the information away.

For years, Arlynn put off going to massage school due to the prospect of moving out of the area. Then, in June of 2016, she finally decided to take the leap and sign up at the New York Institute of Massage – and she hasn’t looked back since! She fell in love with the program and is ecstatic to now be able to truly help others, to pursue her passions more in depths, and share her new-found knowledge with her clients.


Arlynn holds two B.A. degrees in Theater and Music (Vocal) Performance from SUNY Buffalo State College.

She received her certificate in massage therapy from the New York Institute of Massage.

She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

She holds her license and registration for Massage Therapy in the state of New York.